Time is the secret

When I was a kid, time seemed to crawl like a snail crossing a sidewalk. I remember thinking I would never get to middle school, and then when I made it to middle school thinking I would never make it to high school. Christmas seemed to take years to come, and trips in the car…even longer.

As I have aged, I’ve noticed that time seems to be going much faster than it did when I was kid. I have a theory on why and it has to do with the relative percentage of life lived, but that’s for another blog. What surprises me as a middle-aged man is how many of us “grown-ups” revert back to our childhood thinking when it comes to time and it’s effect on our ability to accomplish our goals.

There are three ingredients to success, and they are:

1. Set goals by writing them down.
2. Take the appropriate action steps that reflect these goals.
3. Be consistent over time.

Too many people, including myself, are great starters but not very good finishers, and it’s usually because we do a great job with the first two steps. We write down our goals and we get started, but too many of us give up right before we reach our goals. Too many of us act like kids in the back seat of the car, asking over and over “Are we there yet?” It’s our impatience that derails us.

Time is often the missing ingredient to success, and anyone who has experienced it, especially those whom culture defines as “overnight successes”, will tell you about all of the time they put in to mastering their craft. Everybody wants to be successful, but few people demonstrate the patience and commitment necessary to achieve it.

The great thing about time is that it’s not like money. Someone may have more money than you, but no one has more time than you. We all have the same amount, and we all have the ability to choose what we will do with the time we have.

So what are you going to choose to do with your time? Maybe it’s time for you to be consistent in taking the appropriate action steps to reach the goals you have written down on paper.

One thought on “Time is the secret

  1. I couldn’t agree more..I watch my girls grow and wonder where all the time as gone. Last year seems like I blinked and then it was gone. It amazing how our minds interrupt time relative to our surrounds.

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