About Trey

The Griggs Family

Child of God. Husband. Father. Leader.  Writer.  Speaker. Golfer. Karaoke Singer.  Wannabe Rapper.

Trey started a journey in April of 2010 to get back his life.  From the age of 10, Trey struggled with hidden sin, and he kept it secret until he attended a Casting Crowns/Fifth Avenue North concert.  The words of the songs that night inspired him to come clean, confessing his sin to those closest to him.  Through his confession and repentance, Trey experienced the freedom confession brings, as well as a clear conscience for the first time in his adult life.  Although his recovery hasn’t been perfect, he has experienced God’s grace anew and been able to help others with similar struggles.

Back in 2012 I got into the best shape of my life.

Trey’s journey continued in May of 2012 to also reclaim his physical health that had lapsed during this period.  As a college athlete, he lived the blissful life of eating anything he wanted and never gaining a pound.  However, life has a way of slowing us all down, and Trey found himself with two small children and a desk job.  Before long, his 5’8″ frame weighed 197 lbs, and he new something had to change.  Three months later, Trey weighed 157 lbs and learned new habits of health to stay fit the rest of his life.  Now he enjoys staying active by running, working out and playing sports.

Trey also loves to fill in to lead worship or to preach/speak when needed, whether at his church or another church.  As a kid, he was the utility player on his baseball team, mainly because his dad was the coach, but now he doesn’t mind doing whatever is needed, as long as it includes a microphone!

Trey has also been influencing people through his writings & social media presence for the past 15 years, sharing the insights God has given him through life experiences & intentional study, as well as tips on leadership, sales, marketing & organizational structure.  His desire is to use the stories God has written with his life to inspire and encourage others to pursue excellence in all aspects of life.  His “Why” is to help everyone he meets to be able to achieve more than they can even imagine.

Tammy, Hannah, Naomi & Trey

Trey lives in Wildwood, Missouri, with his wife, Tammy, and his two precious daughters, Hannah (13) and Naomi (11).  He loves to play as much golf as is humanly possible, read leadership and biography books, play piano & guitar, sing, and enjoy the latest and greatest in technology, particularly from Apple.

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