Life’s beautiful gift

One of my favorite smartphone games is called Unblock Me, and the goal of the game is to get the dark brownish red block out of the window through the hole on the right side, as can be seen in the picture. In order to do this, the other blocks have to be moved in a sequential pattern in order to make room for the one block to slide out.


Sometimes the puzzles go quickly and sometimes they can be really challenging, often confusing the player on what moves have already a been made and what it looked like to begin with. On the really difficult puzzles, it’s not uncommon to keep making the same wrong moves over and over, thinking it’s a new move and that it might work this time.

Too often we go through life in the same manner as one of these challenging puzzles, making the same moves over and over again thinking it’s going to produce a different outcome. This is the definition of insanity, which brings me to my favorite feature in Unblock Me: the reset button.

At any point in the game, one can either continue moving blocks to try to solve the puzzle or hit the reset button and return the puzzle to its original position to start over. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this option in life?

The truth is we do have this option, and it shows up every morning when we get out of bed. It shows up every time we are confronted with a choice, and it shows up most dramatically when we make long-term plans.

For example, if you are gaining weight, you can start over today and make better choices about what you eat & drink, how you exercise and how much sleep you get tonight.

If your struggle is with an addiction, you can choose today to confess your struggle to friends and family, and seek support and accountability to begin the process of change.

And sometimes what is best for people is to simply move away and start over with a new town, new job, new church, new house & new friends. It’s the power of resetting and getting a fresh pair of eyes on the situation.

You might be in a situation today in which it’s time to make some small choices or a big decision to reset and start over once again, and that is one of the beautiful gifts life offers. Yesterday is gone, today is here, and with it comes the opportunity to make a different choice.

2 thoughts on “Life’s beautiful gift

  1. You have such a great outlook on life. I really enjoy reading these!


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