Goals are easier to accomplish one at a time

So March is here, and I’m wondering how you’re doing with your New Year’s resolutions.

If you are still on track with your goals for this year, congratulations! You are one of the few with the discipline and determination to follow through. You may have already given up on these goals, as many people usually do, or maybe you fall somewhere in between, still pursuing these goals but not feeling like you’re getting any traction. If that is the case, then this blog is for you.

Have you ever noticed that its much more difficult to reach your goals when you pursue more than one at a time?

The truth is, most people don’t set goals, so they don’t wrestle with the struggle to reach their goals. However, for those of us who do set goals, it usually happens when we catch fire to accomplish something with our lives.

We become motivated to take over the world, and we make a list of the goals we want to achieve. Sound familiar? Six-month goals, one-year goals, 5-year goals, it can quickly become overwhelming and even paralyzing, and too often we try to accomplish everything all at once and end up accomplishing nothing.

If you could only accomplish one thing in 2013, what would it be? I would imagine most of us have a hard time answering this question because we’ve set too many goals, and we quickly get pulled in all directions stretching ourselves a little too thin. The end result is disastrous as we become exhausted from the effort without seeing the results.

It would be worth it to spend some quality time narrowing it down to the most important goal you want to accomplish this year and focusing all of your time and energy into planning and executing a strategy to achieve this goal. I guarantee it will feel better to set out and accomplish one goal this year than to pursue several goals and not accomplish any of them.

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