Griggs Family RV Trip – Day 27

Moving days are much more enjoyable this year than they were on our trip last year to the West Coast, primarily because the distance between locations was much greater. Last year, every driving day was at least four hours, minimum, and most were closer to six or seven, which is a long time when you’re navigating 20,000 pounds down the highway, over mountains, right next to semi’s. However, this year we are only traveling 2-4 hours each time, as cities are much closer to each other on the East Coast.

Tammy does the driving during business hours so I can work, and I take the shifts on the weekends, or early mornings (6am-9am) and late nights (after 6pm). Not only do we spend considerable time planning the trip, but we also have to think about our driving schedule to ensure my work days are uninterrupted. Our trip from New York to Boston is the longest drive we’ll have from the time we hit West Virginia until we head into upstate New York in two weeks.

The George Washington Bridge connecting New Jersey with the upper west side of Manhattan. Bring some cash with you if you plan to cross it, especially if you’re towing something!

We left early so I could get us out of New York, which was a real obstacle course. We decided to take the George Washington Bridge near the upper west side of Manhattan to eliminate as much driving through Manhattan. What we didn’t know is that the New York Transit Authority is out of their mind! Did you know: if you drive a two-axle car across the bridge, you pay $16, which seems like a lot of money for a 2-minute drive across a bridge with more pot-holes than an upper midwest metropolitan city after an ice storm. However, if you are pulling a car, it costs you $44, $22 for each axle. And that’s not counting the RV, which is another $44. So if you drive your F150 across the bridge, $16. If you drive an RV and pull a minivan, it’s $88. Are we really doing 5.5 times the wear and tear? I was a little confused and a lot furious, but I digress.

One of my prospects at work located in White Plains, NY, agreed to meet for lunch, so we made our way up to the city, found a place to park the RV, and I had lunch with my prospect while the girls ate in the RV and hopped into the store for a few extras. After the meeting, we continued our journey up to the Boston area, driving through southern Connecticut and Rhode Island, which was a pretty drive, but not a fast one. Once we were out of New York City and it’s surrounding areas, no one on the highway seemed to be in a hurry.

We landed at the Boston/Cape Cod KOA around 5pm, set up camp, and heated up some dinner before settling in for the night. The girls wanted to go swimming, so I went with them to the pool while Tammy started sorting the laundry for the next day. We ended the night watching a movie together and getting ready for a big day tomorrow, as I have the opportunity to play TPC Boston in the afternoon with my good friend Will, who I played with in New York last week.

Our journey so far through 27 days, starting in St. Louis, MO, and now around Boston, MA

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