Griggs Family RV Trip – Days 12-14

Tammy & the girls at the zoo.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of life on the road is the ability to unplug from all the chaos and madness in the world, even if only for a little bit. After a big weekend, we were all exhausted and needed to recharge the batteries, so while I was working, the girls took the day to rest and recover, riding bikes, taking a walk and watching some movies. I took the car for the day and headed to TIA, the foremost trade organization in my industry, to work and meet with the Executive Committee that was coming into town for a dinner that night. After enjoying a few drinks with many of my friends in the industry, I headed home to find everyone enjoying a quiet evening of movies and leftovers. We did have to take the RV to the dump, as our site does not have a sewer hook up. Fortunately, we’re only 50 yards away, so it was a quick trip, and we repositioned the RV for the rest of the trip.

Naomi on the water slide
Hannah on the water slide.

On Tuesday, Tammy & the girls went to the Smithsonian National Zoo and, unfortunately, there was rain in the forecast for much of the day, which was unfortunate, but it brought much cooler weather with it. Tammy had to buy a poncho at the zoo, as they only took the small umbrellas which weren’t sufficient for the day. Although the rain did force many of the animals inside, including the large, male elephant, which was Naomi’s favorite, it didn’t stop the girls from seeing a lot of animals. I worked from the RV all day until they returned, and as they cleaned up, we prepared & enjoyed a solid camp dinner, and then the girls and I went on a bike ride through the forest while Tammy enjoyed some alone time. As an introvert, and someone who gives time every day to the girls and to our relationship, proving moments for her to recharge on her own has become something I look forward to doing for her. After we returned, we prepped for bed and spent the last few moments of the day talking about the trip so far and what is to come. Evenings at the campsite are very relaxing, as the busyness of life dissipates when we’re not in the normal routine of life back home.

Bike rides with the girls through the woods has
become one of my favorite
activities to do together when we’re out on the road.
View of the Potomac on our morning walk with Tiger.

On Wednesday, Tammy & got up early, took Tiger on his usual morning walk down a trail we had been eyeing for a couple of days now that led to the Potomac, and then we worked out together. We brought a few dumbbells with us this year and our yoga mats, so getting in a morning workout is more of a priority this year when we’re parked for several days. After cleaning up and eating breakfast, I again worked from the RV while Tammy & the girls went swimming at Pirate’s Cove, a decent water park at Pohick Bay Regional Park where we are staying. It has several water slides for older kids and for younger kids, and it’s only $4 for those staying in the park. They were gone for five hours, so when they returned, they were exhausted, and it was my night to grill out. Burgers, dogs and chicken on the grill are always fan favorites in the Griggs house, and we enjoyed some sweet potato fries in the Ninja Foodi, which is one of the greatest cooking devices we’ve ever owned. I’m often skeptical of these kinds of things, like the Insta-Pot, which I despise. So when Tammy came home with a Ninja one day, I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes and whispered something to myself like, “Another one of these things?” However, the Ninja has surpassed beyond measure my low expectations and has become one of my favorite cooking devices we own. Everything that comes out of this thing is amazing…so far.

Our campsite near D.C. at Pohick Bay Regional Park. This was a good one.

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