I finally found my twin in the most unlikely of places

Last night, I had the privilege of having dinner with one of the wisest men I’ve ever met, someone I have come to love and respect as a friend and a brother.  He’s my brother-from-another-mother, you might say.  

Twin brothers, in fact.  As it turns out, we both play guitar and sing, we’ve both led worship in our churches, we both love to write and speak, and we both have experienced, and continue to experience, the unconditional, undeniable love of Jesus in our lives.  

During our time over dinner, we shared our stories, laughing with one another and committing to pray for each other’s families moving forward.  We shared our love for music and our philosophies on how to treat people in our profession.  It was pretty clear we were cut from the same fabric, and a friendship was formed; one, I believe, that will last for as long as we live.  

The amazing aspect to this story is not how much we are alike, but rather, the fact that we work for competing companies.  This type of relationship is often frowned upon in business, as companies try to maintain their competitive edge and secrecy.  Considering we’ve never witnessed a relationship like ours between our two companies, it’s new territory, to say the least.  But my new friend and I see our place in this world as much more than the company who hired us.  We are here for a purpose beyond any name or logo. 

As my new friend pointed out, our goal is not merely to make money for our companies, but rather, to make a difference in the lives of everyone we meet, including those who play for the opposing team.  It’s a new way to look at business, a fresh perspective on the bigger picture, and a renewed focus on the greater purpose to our time on this earth.  

This world naturally breaks us up into groups based on our jobs, our gender, our geography, our sports teams, our skin color, our talents, our abilities and a hundred other categories; however, it is up to us to choose to cross these barriers and forge new relationships.  And it will be these relationships that will have the most depth and the most potential to truly change the world.  

So to my new friend, I say thank you for being willing to cross this border that has existed for too many years between our companies.  In doing so, you have impacted my life forever, and I am grateful.  Here’s to many more years of border crossing and life changing moments.  Love you, brother.

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