Find the passion in what you do

We’ve heard from many a motivational speaker that the way to excellence is to follow your passion in life. Find what your passionate about and go after it, they say.
That’s great advice if you’re 23, single and living in your parents basement rent free.

The problem for most of us, or at least for myself, is we have a little something called responsibilities hanging around our necks like jewelry. We have families, jobs, bills and a hundred other strings pulling us in different directions, all of which have a respectful level of importance and significance. It’s not feasible to simply follow your passions, so what’s a guy to do?

Rather than chase after your passions and try to find a way to make money doing it, take some time to find the things your are passionate about in your current position. The truth is, every job has its good side and its bad side. Every opportunity is filled with pain & pleasure, sometimes one more than the other. The key is to find what you love about what you do right now and get excited about doing it well.

Oddly enough, becoming passionate about your current situation tends to lead to more opportunities down the road, and this often provides additional time or money to pursue the things in life you truly love.

So instead of chasing your passions, become passionate about what you do right now, and your passions will often find you when you least expect it.

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