People, problems & pressure

We’ve all heard people complain about their pay.  More than likely, you and I have probably been the complainers from time to time.  Just like everyone on the planet, most of us believe we are worth more than what we are making, but we often don’t have an answer when asked how much more are you worth? and why are you worth that?.  If you can’t answer those questions, you’re not ready for a raise, and you’re certainly not ready to walk into your manager’s office and ask for one.

Instead, focus on the aspects of your job you can control – your attitude, your work ethic and your communication.  By doing this, you will increase your influence in and overall value to the organization, and you will eventually get a raise, whether it’s at this company or with a new opportunity somewhere else.

Most importantly, become an expert dealing with the 3P’s.  Nearly every successful person I know is excellent with at least two of these, and many do well with all three.  The more competent you become with the P’s, the more likely you are to see a promotion and a pay increase at your current job.

  1. People.  People are difficult to deal with, period.  Every person is unique and has their own thoughts, feelings and perceptions of reality.  Each has his own opinion of how something should be, and each has his own distinct set of circumstances, many of which you may be completely unaware when working with this person.  If you want a raise, you must have the ability to work with all people, to make tough decisions without losing their respect and trust, and to move people towards a common goal.  
  2. Problems.  People either cause problems or they deal with them.  It pays more to deal with problems than to make them.  That may seem like an obvious statement, but most people are reluctant to get dirty when a problem arises, especially when it’s a problem they’ve created.  If you want a raise, you must learn to enjoy solving problems and start looking for them at every turn.
  3. Pressure.  People either rise to the occasion or fold in under pressure.  It’s the ones who come through in those moments who win.  Think of professional athletes who seem to get better when the heat is on, people like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Tiger Woods.  If you want a raise, you must get comfortable in pressure-packed situations.

Now, take a moment and look around at people in your life who have achieved the status or income you would like to achieve, and ask yourself if they excel in the 3P’s.  Then, and most importantly, start growing in the 3P’s today, and you will eventually see a difference in your paycheck.

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