Remind yourself of past success from time to time

Sales can be an ego-busting profession.

The average sales executive hears no 20 times more than he hears yes, which means rejection is a way of life. Imagine asking 19 people for their phone number with no results; how encouraged and motivated would you be to ask the 20th for their number? This is the scenario sales executives face day in and day out, and the roller coaster ride can take its toll on your psyche.

One way to combat this is to remind yourself of your past success. This can be done several ways, from pinning notes of encouragement on your wall to creating a folder in your inbox with encouraging emails or measures of success such as a sales report. When I’m struggling with my confidence in sales, I just open my inbox and remind myself of the times when I was first on our sales team or when I recieved kind words from my co-workers impressed with my performance.

When everybody’s saying no, its easy to believe that no one will say yes, and this may just be the reminder you need to confidently continue asking for the sale.

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