It’s so easy and yet it’s so stinkin’ hard

Tuesday is the day I dread most each week.

Do you have one of those days in your week that you know is coming and you’re just not looking forward to it.  It might be a day that’s just packed with activities and you know you’re going to be exhausted when it’s over.  For most people, I would imagine Monday is their least favorite day because it means getting up and going to work after two days of sleeping in and creating their own schedule.

I have to admit: my reason for dreading Tuesdays is rather childish, but it’s true.  The interesting part of Tuesdays is that I love Tuesdays after their gone, but not just because I made it through the day.  I love Tuesdays come Wednesday morning because of what I accomplished the day before.

Tuesday is the day I come home from work, grab a bite to eat with the family and play a quick game or two with my little girls, and then I go to the gym.  That’s it.  That is my Tuesday.

I have a feeling you are staring at your computer with your eye brows pinched together, your upper lip raised on one side and your hands in the air as if to say, “Huh?”  Maybe you’re thinking What a loser!  I get it.  Going to the gym really isn’t that big of a deal, but it is to me, and here’s why.

One of the principles I have inadvertently chosen to live by is this:  “No pain…no pain.”  I know when I step into that gym and I commit to completing the workout I have planned for that night, it’s going to hurt.  My arms will be sore to the point I can’t lift them to scratch my nose.  My shoulders will feel like someone twisted my arm like a cartoon character.  My legs will make it difficult to walk, and my stomach, do I even have to describe that awful pain?  It’s going to feel like someone strapped undersized bungie cords around my waist.

Going to the gym is so easy.  Just get in your car and go.  But it can be so stinkin’ hard for a guy like me.

But Wednesday.  I love Wednesdays because I wake up and realize how much good I did for myself the night before.  This last time I went to the gym, I realized how good it is for us to exercise on a regular basis.  Here’s what I discovered: exercise cleanses the mind, it strengthens the body and it energizes the soul.

Make a point to get in som exercise this week, even if it means having another day to dread.

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