The 5-Star Life part 4: spiritual well-being

We were made to worship.

That phrase might scare some people. It might offend others. But the truth is, every person on this plant was designed with the desire to worship something. For some, this worship comes in the form of money. For others, it centers around the earth. For most of us, our worship comes in the form of stuff and people. We want new stuff, we but new stuff and we tell everyone about our new stuff. We also spend out time watching celebrities on TV, reading about them, paying money to go see them, and again we tell everyone about these people.

Now, some may not call this worship, but that’s exactly what it is. “Worship” is defined as extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem. And this is exactly what we do every day.

But there is a problem with this formula. Worship is our way of reminding ourself that we are not the greatest thing since sliced bread, and it is our way of attributing value to something that truly is greater than ourselves, namely God. The problem with our current form of worship is that stuff and people will always let us down, and this leads us in the direction two very dangerous places: pride and depression.

If others to whom we aspire greatness end up falling from moral failures or something else, we tend to naturally put ourselves in the position of honor, saying things like, “Well, I never would have taken performance enhancing drugs.” We elevate ourselves when others fall, and pride ensues.

The other place we run is depression because we begin to feel that no one or nothing is worthy of our worship, which leads to hopelessness. If the person or thing I worship falls apart, there is nothing left for me to worship, and possibly nothing left for me.

This is why the first commandment reads, “You shall have no other gods before me.” God designed us to be worshippers, but He also knew that the only object of worship that would satisfy our souls is Him.

You have a soul – a spirit – and it needs to be nourished by worshipping something or someone worthy of your admiration and devotion; something or someone who will never let you down. When you have this piece of the puzzle figured out, life becomes much more peaceful, much less stressful, much more fulfilling, and much more successful.

You were made to worship, and your spirit is calling out for you to worship that which is truly greater than yourself.

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